Solar panel installation in Hutton Roof

The process

At this garage in Hutton Roof, 12 Longi solar PV panels, a Sunsynk power conversion equipment (PCE), and three Pylon batteries were installed, including an emergency battery backup supply.

Firstly, the battery system and PCE were installed, set up for overnight charging on a less expensive rate. It was then decided by the customer that an upgraded system with solar panels was to be added at a later date.

After, twelve solar panels were installed onto the nearby garage roof. The brackets were installed by directly screwing through the roof into the joists. Protection against water ingress was kept by waterproof caps on the screws. Then the rails were clipped into the brackets, and finally the solar panels were attached to the rails, with the MC4 connections secured. The cables for the panels were run in black plastic conduit, in a discrete location.

Finally, the commissioning process turned out to be more complex than usual, and so a few issues were discovered. Nevertheless, in the end, the requests of the customer were successfully met.



Long-lasting battery

Longi HiMo

Efficient solar panels

SunSynk inverter

Hybrid inverter

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What now?

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