Loft conversion – power supplied

Power for sockets and lights supplied to this loft space at a property in Borwick, as well as a few extra jobs.


This customer is converting their loft into an office, and required an electrical supply for new sockets and a new batten light. Lots of the existing circuits run through the loft space already, so the junctions were made very nearby. We installed the back boxes for the light switch and sockets, and ran the cables along a purlin.

Two new downlight were also installed below the loft in the hallway, along with a recessed microwave sensor, removing the need to use a light switch.

What will happen next?

The process of converting a loft space is similar to the construction of any new room/building. The electrical work is prepared and installed first, then the plasterboards will be put in using dot and dab. After the plasterer’s work is finished, we will return and finish the electrical work by installing the batten light and face plates. The room will then be finally ready for decorating.


For the installation of the back boxes, lights, sensor and cable, here are the tools we used:

  • Drill
  • Impact driver
  • Cable cutters
  • Hammer
  • Cable clips
  • Hole saw

Our trusty Dewalt torch helped provide light for working in the loft space, and the excellent Wiha Electricians Hammers came in very handy! Check one out here:

What about me?

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