Backup power supply restored – Endmoor

This customer had a faulty battery backup system, linked with their solar panels and inverter.


The first few hours of the job were spent examining the existing installation and diagnosing the problem with the backup changeover switch. The customer also decided to replace the older Gen 1 GivEnergy inverter for an upgraded Gen 3 model, as well as adding an additional 9.5kWh battery storage unit.

A few days later, the parts of the system that were no longer needed (including the old inverter and changeover switch) were then stripped back, so that work on the new system was ready to begin.


Firstly, the backup system was wired using a new distribution board, which included useful LED lights that show the status of the grid connection to the house.

At the same time, a lockable DC isolator for the solar panel strings was installed, as there had not been one previously fitted.

After this the new battery and inverter were mounted and connected. Particular care was taken with the battery, as its weight was 110kg!

Job done!

Finally, the whole system was re-commissioned through the GivEnergy app. The process was straightforward and easy to follow.

The customer was very happy that their backup power was again restored, and they even let us have a go on their amazing electric scooter!

Equipment installed:

  • GivEnergy Gen 3 PCE (power conversion equipment)
  • GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery

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