Solar Installation: The Single premises G98 Procedure.

Are you considering going Solar? Do you live in the North West? Do you want to know more about the G98 single premises procedure?

This article will give you a simplified but detailed understanding of the G98 Solar installation process for single dwellings. Plugged In Electricians handles everything you need to get up and running with your new solar journey!

Solar Panel Installation in the North West
One of our Electricians installing Solar Panels for a very happy customer!

Single premises Solar Installation Process. G98 Form B.

When our electricians install a single solar system, at a single dwelling or property, with a total install capacity of <16A, a G98 single premises form is required.

This is the simplest process, with a ‘Fit and Inform’ procedure. This means the electrician can install the solar system straight away at the residence, then complete and send off the Notification (the G98 Form B) to the distributor (DNO) after the installation has been completed. Don’t worry! You don’t need to do any of this, its all completed for you by the electrician.

The process of installation is:

  1. The electrician will come and check the system and site to ensure it falls into the scope of a G98.
  2. We will then install and commission the system for the customer, no waiting for approval from the DNO required!
  3. We will then send the G98 Form B (Notification) to the DNO within 28 working days.

To comply with the G98 ‘Fit and Inform’ process, the site shall:

  1. Have a total site aggregate generator/inverter capacity of less than or equal to 16A/phase.
  2. Be a single installation on a single property.
  3. Use G98 Type Approved inverters (You can view this list of approved inverters from the Type Test Register on the ENA Website.
  4. Be installed in line with the connection and commissioning requirements of Engineering Recommendation for G98, and:
  5. Be notified to the DNO within 28 working days using the G98 Form.

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