Fan of Fans

First contact

During the first visit to this property in Burton-in-Kendal, two smoke detection devices and one extractor fan were replaced.

The smoke detectors were accessible from a small hop-up. These devices were wired in using three-core cable. One for live, one for neutral, and the other is used for communication between the two units.

A premium extractor fan was also installed in one of the en-suite bathrooms. This fan is a company favourite, due to its almost silent running noise whilst maintaining a powerful extraction.

So good they asked for more!

The customer was very impressed with the quality, aesthetic design and the quietness of the extractor. As a result, two more fan installations were requested for the other bathrooms.

There was some difficulty finding secure fixings to the ceiling and wall. However, the final result was two more beautiful installations of excellent quality fans.


  • The fans installed were Xpelair extractor fans with timers. Other options from Xpelair include base models and humidity sensor versions. Find out more here:
  • VDE screwdrivers were used for electrical connections and the mounting of all the units to the walls or ceilings.

What next?

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