Car charger installation in Holme

A brand new electric vehicle charging point was installed at this lovely property in Holme village


Before installation began, a sizeable 25m 3-core 10mm2 armoured cable was installed, running from the car charger at the end of the garden down to the house. The cable was run through trenches and up the corner of the house into the loft space, where a connection was made to an existing 6mm2 cable, previously used for a shower. Yellow safety tape was wrapped around the cable in order to identify it to future gardeners.


The main installation took place at two ends, the connection of the SWA to the car charging point, and the connection to the existing cable.

The first SWA gland connection took place in the loft, connecting in a junction box to an existing 6mm2 twin and earth cable. Despite the cramped environment, the SWA cable was terminated without much hassle.

The car charger was then mounted to a wooden post installed by the customer. The other end of the SWA cable was also terminated into the unit, and the push-fit connections inside the charger were made.

We were also given by the customer a delicious cup of tea and an amazing cup of coffee with beautiful milk artwork! This definitely helped the job to go a lot smoother.

Top tip…

When breaking off the armouring of the SWA cable, tie one of the strands around the others to keep everything neat and tidy!

Job done!

Once everything was connected, the car charger was tested and signed off. The customer was left happy with their brand new electric vehicle charger.


Tool of the day was definitely this Dewalt battery powered torch. Very bright, impressive battery length and great portability. You can find one here:

For the SWA cable glands, these tools were used:

  • Hacksaw
  • Junior hacksaw
  • Knife
  • 2x pliers/spanners
  • VDE screwdrivers for connections

What now?

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