Solar Power Generation: Efficiency on Cloudy Days

Lancaster Solar

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive about solar power generation in the UK, particularly in the North West, is whether it is a worthwhile investment given the often overcast and cloudy conditions. Many wonder if the efficiency and energy output of solar panels will be sufficient in such conditions.

This article demonstrates the power generation capabilities of a 12-panel solar system in Lancaster on an overcast day, detailing exactly how much energy it can produce.

Is The Investment Worth It?

The data above has been collected from a 12-panel system in Lancashire on a very cloudy and overcast day.

Even on a cloudy day in Lancashire, these Solar Panels with a capacity of 4.80kW are producing 2.4kW of power. This means the panels are operating at 50% efficiency despite the overcast conditions. The battery is on 98% and the generated power is still greater than the property consumption.

Such consistent performance ensures that solar panels continue to provide a significant amount of energy, reducing reliance on the grid. This steady production highlights the reliability of solar energy, even in less-than-ideal weather.

Starting Your Solar Journey

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Further Information

For more information, visit the National Grid website