Solar panel installation in Grange-over-Sands

The process

At this charming property in Grange-over-Sands, eleven solar panels, a GivEnergy power converter (PCE), a 9.6kWh GivEnergy battery, and an emergency battery backup system were installed.

Firstly, the cables for the DC current from the generation to the PCE were run in plastic conduit located out of the way, near the roof soffit.

Secondly, preparation for the UPS was carried out on the distribution board, and the GivEnergy battery and inverter were arranged for the panels’ connection.

Finally, roof work started, with the setup of two scaffold towers. Care was taken when installing all the roof brackets and rails, ensuring it was watertight and firmly in place. The solar panels were then mounted to the rails in a landscape orientation, allowing for a sizeable array.



Long-lasting battery

Longi HiMo

Efficient solar panels


Integrated inverter

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What’s next?

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