RCD info

How to test.

1. Head over to your consumer unit and find any push buttons marked with a “T”. 

2. Push these buttons once and the switch will trip the power off. 

3. Great news, your RCD works.  Turn on the power again by flicking on the switch that tripped.  

4. If the switch didn’t trip, then call us 01524 932524 for advice.

Check out the video for an example.


Video Tutorial. 

RCDs protect you from…


So what is it?

  • An RCD is a device that protects you throughout day-to-day activity around your home.
  • RCD stands for the residual-current device. 
  • It monitors the balance of a current between two different conductors, and switches off the power if there is an imbalance caused by a “leakage of power”. It is an imperative part of safety in all homes and businesses.


Why does it need to be tested?

  • While an RCD is reliable, it still needs to be checked regularly to make sure it is in ship shape.  
  • On all RCDs there is a test button, which simulates an earth leakage in a safe and controllable way. Watch the video for more info.
  • Here at Plugged In Electricians, we put customers’ safety first. So we recommend following BS7671 guidance and testing your RCDs every 6 months (when the clocks change is a good time because we often need to change the clocks on ovens etc).



A broken cable

Damaged appliances

Unintended path of power

Worn out appliances

Water Damage

And other