General Electrical Fault Find Repair (ET2)

A general fault find repair is suitable for commercial or domestic.  This service is suitable for a fault or problem such as:

  • tripping MCB or RCD or fuse blowing
  • smell of burning or strange sounds (turn power off to circuit if this is happening)
  • Lights or sockets not working
  • Flickering or intermittent power

This service includes:

  • Initial assessment and diagnosis*
  • Immediate repair where possible*
  • 12 Months guarantee on repair made
  • Additional charges may apply for parts
  • Additional charges may apply for additional works

Does not include:

  • Parts (separately charged)
  • Guarantee on the installation outside the repair
  • More than one fault (a price will be provided)
  • Major problems with the installation that require extensive works to rectify

* NOTE If an assessment has been made and major works are required, then an assessment charge applies which in most cases is refunded upon further works being carried out.


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