Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation

Government Grants are still available (see description at the bottom of the page for more details)

Electric Vehicle Charge Point includes:

  • Installation of charging unit
  • Testing of charging unit
  • Application for grant to OLEV (where applicable)
  • 1 year guarentee
  • Power supply extension of up to 1 meters

Does not include

  • Supply to consumer unit (sold seperately)
  • Your existing system upgraded to meet requirements

Additional electrical requirements can be completed as required.


Plugged In Electricians is an Authorised Installer for Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.  We install both smart and non smart chargers (please note as of July 2019, the grant is only available for smart chargers).

Eligibility criteria for grant:

  • Own or scheduled to take delivery of an electric car
  • Registered keeper of the car from 1 October 2016 or sooner
  • off road parking
  • Have your charge point installed by an OLEV installer
  • Haven’t already recieved an OLEV grant

The grant provides up to £500 towards the installation of your electric charging point. The government requires that you pay 25% of the installation charge outside of this grant.

e.g. a £541 installation will cost you £135 and receive you a £406 contribution

If you’re not eligible for the grant, then you can still have a charge point installed.

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