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Why You Should Choose Plugged In Electricians for All Your Electrical Needs in the North West

When it comes to addressing your electrical needs in the North West, selecting the right professionals is crucial for ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality. Plugged In Electricians stands out as the premier choice for homeowners and businesses in Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth, Milnthorpe, Windermere, Kendal and all areas in between. Here’s why you should choose Plugged In Electricians for all your electrical needs, backed by our core company values of putting the customer first, clear communication, and transparent pricing.

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Expertise and Professionalism

At Plugged In Electricians, our team comprises highly trained and certified electricians with extensive experience in a wide range of electrical services. From simple repairs to complex installations, our expertise ensures that every job is completed to the highest standard. We adhere to strict industry regulations and safety protocols, providing you with peace of mind knowing your electrical work is in capable hands.

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Comprehensive Services

We offer a full spectrum of electrical services to meet all your needs:

  1. Domestic Electrical Services: Whether it’s wiring a new home, upgrading your lighting system, installing a home EV charger or upgrading to Solar, we handle all aspects of residential electrical work with precision and care.
  2. Commercial Electrical Services: We cater to businesses of all sizes, providing services such as electrical installations, maintenance, and emergency repairs to ensure your operations run smoothly.
  3. Industrial Electrical Services: Our team is equipped to manage the unique challenges of industrial electrical systems, offering solutions that enhance safety and efficiency.

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Commitment to Energy Efficiency

At Plugged In Electricians, we are passionate about promoting energy efficiency. We offer a range of services designed to reduce your energy consumption and lower your energy bills:

  • LED Lighting Upgrades: Switch to energy-efficient LED lighting to save on energy costs and reduce your environmental impact.
  • EV Charger Installations: Support the transition to electric vehicles with our professional EV charger installation services.
  • Solar Power Installations: Invest in Solar Power to save on your energy bills and make an impact on the environment.

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Customer-Focused Approach

We pride ourselves on our core company values, which shape our customer-focused approach:

  1. Customer First: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations by delivering high-quality work and exceptional customer service. We will also never let you down on timing. This means we will arrive exactly when we say we will.
  2. Clear Communication: We keep you informed at every stage of the project. We ensure you understand the work being done and the costs involved.
  3. Transparent Pricing: We believe in honesty and transparency. Therefore our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect.

Trusted Local Presence

Plugged In Electricians is a locally owned and operated company. We promote prompt, reliable services in the local area and build lasting relationships with our clients. We are proud to contribute to the growth and sustainability of our local area.

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Safety and Compliance

Safety is our top priority. We follow strict safety protocols and ensure all our work complies with the latest regulations and standards. This dedication to safety not only protects our team but also guarantees the safety and reliability of your electrical systems.


Choosing Plugged In Electricians for your electrical needs in the North West means opting for expertise, reliability, and a customer-focused approach built on our core values of putting the customer first, clear communication, and transparent pricing. Whether you require residential, commercial, or industrial electrical services, we have the skills and experience to deliver exceptional results. Contact Plugged In Electricians today at 01524 932524, email us at or visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next project.