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Electric Charging Point


Moving around is going is changing and will change more by 2030 because we will all be relying on electric to move from one place to another. Not only is it going to rapidly change the transport industry, it is going to effect our day to day lives. In fact, we spend 19 hours in a car in one year! Don’t be the last to get the electric charging point. Book a fit in with our professional electricians to fit one in. read more

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Power cuts

If you power is off and you think others in your street are too then you’ll have to call North-West Electricity if you’re in our area – Carnforth, Lancaster, Morecambe, South lakes.

Here is the website and telephone number: 

0800 195 4141

Even if your next door neighbour’s power is on, it may still be a power cut.  Houses next door to each often don’t share the same electricity cable.

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Did you know: Unplugging your phone charger

Some devices are worth remembering to unplug. It has the obvious benefit of reducing the amount you pay for your electricity bill, but also, the devices are potential hazards if left Plugged In accidentally.

Be careful to unplug your phone charger when your mobile has finished charging. If it is a branded phone charger then it is likely to be more safe, but cheap knock-off phone chargers can cause house fires, so to be on the safe side, you should consider unplugging any of your phone chargers whether branded or not when your phone is fully charged.

This article ( tells of a house fire caused by a phone charger. The photo below is of the kitchen:

House fire from phone charger

The phone charger in this case was cheap, which means it is more likely to suffer from faulty wiring for one thing.

Make sure you check for wear and tear on your charger’s cable, and be careful when unplugging, as this is when most damage happens. Keep in mind that the more the charger is used the more unreliable it becomes over time. Phone chargers don’t need to be Plugged In all the time, so again, make sure to unplug them when they don’t need to be.

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Did you know: USB Sockets

You might consider having a USB socket installed. I didn’t know USB sockets were available to buy, I only found out when a customer wanted two installed.

As you can see in the photo, this USB socket has two sockets and two USB ports. You may or may not have received a socket charger with a USB port for your phone when you bought it, only a USB charger, so one benefit is that you will not need to buy one if you have have a USB socket installed. Another benefit is that the socket(s) themselves (on the USB socket) are left free for your other devices to use, while the USB ports are left available to charge your phone.

Just be careful because the USB ports are always live, so don’t stick a pin in the USB port for example, or you will get a shock (but hopefully you know that already).