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Rewire in Bare

Rewire in Bare

Our customer asked for new power and lighting for a two bed bungalow.  After an initial visit, a quote was sent rapidly and the work was completed within the timescales set.  All cables were correctly sized, installed, tested and correctly protected in accordance with the 17th edition 3rd amendment regulations.  The customer also received a full certificate and building control was informed as required.

  • Lighting two way
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Easy socket installation

Always wanted a socket in the hall

Have you always wanted a socket in a certain place?  This customer wanted a socket in the hall at the back door for several reasons.  She wanted electricity at a certain point to do all of the hoovering without unplugging.  Also, power for outside for the lawn mower.

We offered a solution of cables burried in the wall or in trunking.  Some people like cables buried in the wall because they like the finish better and in some cases I agree.  Cable in trunking or conduit like in our photo is still well worth thinking about though.  Trunking is tidy and neat.  There is no invasive work on the walls and is virtually dust free.  It can be painted or wall papered over or left on its own.  Also, the cables can easily be accessed later for extending or alteration.

This customers case we ran a single 2.5mm cable to this socket and gave it a low breaker so that the cables were protected.  There was still plenty of electricity available for our customer.  We tested and confirmed that the installation was safe.  

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Kitchen rewire & Consumer unit


This customer wanted to renovate part of their house for a holiday let and wanted to ensure his guests were safe with all of the electrical convenience too.  So we fully rewired the kitchen.

  1. Removed the old sockets
  2. created a new circuit for all of the sockets
  3. extended the cooker circuit with a new isolator (existing cables were safe under test)
  4. added appliance points and isolation switches
  5.  ran cables all the way under the floor to the consumer unit
  6. removed the old consumer unit
  7. installed a new consumer unit with RCD protection
  8. Plastered holes
  9. tidied up
  10. Provided certificates.

This took around four days to complete.  Check out the video and photos below from the job.

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  • IMG_4237
  • IMG_4240
  • IMG_4243
  • IMG_4273
  • IMG_4275
  • IMG_4264
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Chasing a socket

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Shower fault

Shower not working

You’ve woken up late!  You’ve got to get to work!  The need a shower!  Oh no, it’s not working!  Call Plugged In and we’ll plug you back in.  

Our customer, based in Silverdale, called us.  They directed us to the shower switch.  Most showers have a pull switch to isolate the electricity.  In this investigation the switch appeared to be malfunctioning.  We had a look inside the switch and found heat damage.  So much that the cable had been damaged.

  1. Confirm the circuit is designed properly – tick
  2. check all of the cables with electrical testing for damage – tick
  3. check the shower unit for damage – tick
  4. install a new switch – tick

Conclusion.  I would say because the design was correct, the cables were safe and the shower was safe it is most likely there was a loose connection in the switch.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, loose wires, cause fires.  If there had been earth leakage, then the RCD would have tripped.  Did you know an RCD will not pick up arcing or electrical heat generated by loose connection.  The heat will eventually damage the switch or appliance.  We replaced this switch and ran safety tests – solution found.

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Socket Problems

We were asked to investigate a problem with some sockets in a customer  in the village of Holme near Warton.  We discovered that at some point there was some building work that lead to the downstairs ring main being broken.  Do you know what this means and what could happen?

One way of wiring sockets is to use what is called a ring main.  The reason we use this is so that users can have more power and more sockets.  All cables are rated to carry a certain amount of electricity.  When we install a ring main we effectively use two cables which doubles the amount of electricity that can flow.  We then protect these cables from overload using a ‘breaker’ or a ‘fuse’.

So, when we have a broken ring, it means instead of two cables carrying the electricity, only one does.  The result is far more dangerous than it first may seem.  The breaker on the circuit we were looking at was rated at 32amps.  However, in the best of cases our cable is rated to carry only 27 amps.  The result can mean a cable becoming stressed and overheat and potentially set on fire.

Out of the solutions we offered, the customer a less invasive method of derate the breaker rather than lift floor boards up and repairing the ring.  In this case there were only a few sockets on the ring, so it would be unlikely that they would use enough power to trip the breaker.  But if they did, then all they need to do is turn it back on again.  Better that the the fiery alternative.

If you’re wondering how we found this fault then the image of the test results tells us everything we need to know.  Qualified and skilled electricians know what readings mean and how to fit the correct electrics to ensure safety.  

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Business Electrics In Special Location

A business customer on the border of south lakes between Beetham and Carnforth asked us to review a Electrical Condition Report and act on it.  We identified that the light for the bathroom was not correctly rated.  We offered this snazzy light for the customer and upon agreement we supplied it and installed it. 

This business was both a home and a business.  A part P registered an electrician should be consulted to carry out work because the property was domestic.  A bathroom is classified as a Special Location and work in there should be done to the highest safety standards.

We tested the lights safety earthing cable and the RCD.  Both gave the expected results.  We provided the customer with the correct certificate and left a tidy, working and safe bathroom.

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New Extractor Fan – Holme

Cooking time…

Cooker hood extractor fans in kitchens are very useful.  Good extraction key in removing cooking smells, excess moisture which can lead to mould, and fumes from gas cookers.  Our customer near Burton in Kendal needed a domestic electrical contractor to replace their cooker hood which wasn’t working.  

Firstly, we checked the obvious – the fuse.  Well installed cooker hoods will have an isolator switch in an easily accessible area which will have a removable fuse.  This fuse is the same in plugs for normal household appliances like radios.  If you need to check if your fuse has blown and don’t have one spare, then just borrow one from a similar rated appliance (usually 3amp).

In this case our customer’s cooker hood had power to it and we confirmed this by an electrical test.  It is likely that the transformer or motor was burned out.  So what causes this?  Motors won’t last forever and transformers are subject to failure.  Did you know that cleaning your filters regularly will help prolong the lifespan of your cooker hood.  Additionally, having as large an extraction outlet (hole in the wall) will prolong life too.  The motor is cooled and moves more freely when the air is unrestricted.  

We sourced the cooker hood at he cheapest rate and installed it.  The hood was a more expensive option at £300, but was well worth it.  When we turned the unit one it hummed quietly on full power so was just right for open plan living.

If you need a cooker hood installing, then please contact us for a quote.

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Milnthorpe Home Electrical Fixers

Spot the problem

Whilst carrying our some remedial work for a business in Holme, near Milnthorpe, we came across this.  What do you think is electrically wrong with this picture?  If you’re struggling, think about the last time you wired a plug, how many different coloured wires were there?

Did you get it?

You’ve got it.  The earthing is missing.  Whoever installed this didn’t connect the earthing together properly.  They relied on the screws and the metal plate on the back of the socket.  We would always recommend that earthing connections are made properly to the socket as copper is an excellent conductor.  It could have been easily missed but not by a qualified electrician (a Plugged In Electrician in this case).  We fixed it in minutes providing a safer socket for our customer (and we didn’t charge extra).  

If you ever have to replace a socket that you’ve bought from somewhere in Carnforth or Morecambe then make sure all the cables are in the right terminals and they are tight.  Loose wires, causes fires…

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Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report

Our customer in Morecambe wanted to ensure their electrical installation was safe.  In total there were 16 consumer units with old and new wiring throughout.  

  1. Each circuit was tested and the results recorded
  2. We kept our customer informed when the power was being shut down in certain areas
  3. We fit our start times to shut down important areas during shop closed times
  4. We fixed two small faults which were part of the 1 hour free fixing that we offer
  5. We wrote up a full 17 page report and provided a hard copy and stored the electrical version online for future

Large commercial properties with multiple installations need to be carefully checked every 5 years to comply with many insurance companies’ rules.  Potentially a property could be uninsured should an electrical fault develop and there is no inspection report in place.

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Flickering Light

Plugged_In_Electricians - light faultA customer based near Milnthorpe booked us in to fix a flickering chandelier.  It was an intermittent fault which only seemed to happen when the wardrobe door opened. So we investigated and tested the electrical connections finding the fault and quickly remedying it.  We were out quickly and we didn’t charge a call out fee.