In a safer electrical world, more and more protection devices are being added to homes across the UK.

AFDD’s (Arc-fault detection devices) are one of these. It is located in the consumer unit and protects against arcs around the home. Arcs are when electricity is continually given off from one conductor to the other. The result is heat and light, which can cause fires or further damage to appliances. An example of when arcs could occur is when a cable is loose and is almost touching the terminal.

 That’s why AFDD’s are so important to your electrical system. They interpret faults by looking at the waveforms and identifying unusual occurrences.

While these devices are not yet a legal requirement in the UK, they are still recommended by the 18th edition compliant BS7671. We also recommend this unit in your consumer unit in your home.

AFDD’s. They are also located in the consumer unit and doesn’t need to be tested.

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