If you’re a nerd, someone who is busy or a trekie, then this is for you.  A recent installation of an outdoor socket had a twist.  The socket was an IP65 rated socket which means that it was suitable for outside.  The socket was requested for Christmas lights.  The home could be lit up over the Christmas period with warm festivity.  The socket was installed from one of the main house socket circuits and had RCD protection.

The twist was the home automation side.  The customer wanted to turn the lights on without going outside, so some research was done.  Energenie came up as a good result as the customer wanted to integrate this with their already existing Amazon Echo dot (more on that in a moment).  A special hub and relay was installed and linked to the voice activated amazon echo.

RESULT:  the customer walked in through the door and said, “Alexa, turn on the Christmas lights”.  And magically, everything worked.  Not only that, but while the customer was away over Christmas, they could turn the lights on and off remotely on their mobile phone. 

HOW IT WORKS:  Almost any appliance can be connected to a remote relay (switch).  This relay is then wireless connected to a device that is connected to the internet.  The device allows the App on a smartphone to connect and activate the relay.  Not only that but other devices like the Echo dot, a voice activated microcomputer, can connect to the relay and be told verbally anything you want to activate the relay.  For example, “beam me up scotty!”, which turns your heating up a couple of degrees.    

Need help with this type of installation?  Then please get in touch.

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