Always wanted a socket in the hall

Have you always wanted a socket in a certain place?  This customer wanted a socket in the hall at the back door for several reasons.  She wanted electricity at a certain point to do all of the hoovering without unplugging.  Also, power for outside for the lawn mower.

We offered a solution of cables burried in the wall or in trunking.  Some people like cables buried in the wall because they like the finish better and in some cases I agree.  Cable in trunking or conduit like in our photo is still well worth thinking about though.  Trunking is tidy and neat.  There is no invasive work on the walls and is virtually dust free.  It can be painted or wall papered over or left on its own.  Also, the cables can easily be accessed later for extending or alteration.

This customers case we ran a single 2.5mm cable to this socket and gave it a low breaker so that the cables were protected.  There was still plenty of electricity available for our customer.  We tested and confirmed that the installation was safe.