Spot the problem

Whilst carrying our some remedial work for a business in Holme, near Milnthorpe, we came across this.  What do you think is electrically wrong with this picture?  If you’re struggling, think about the last time you wired a plug, how many different coloured wires were there?

Did you get it?

You’ve got it.  The earthing is missing.  Whoever installed this didn’t connect the earthing together properly.  They relied on the screws and the metal plate on the back of the socket.  We would always recommend that earthing connections are made properly to the socket as copper is an excellent conductor.  It could have been easily missed but not by a qualified electrician (a Plugged In Electrician in this case).  We fixed it in minutes providing a safer socket for our customer (and we didn’t charge extra).  

If you ever have to replace a socket that you’ve bought from somewhere in Carnforth or Morecambe then make sure all the cables are in the right terminals and they are tight.  Loose wires, causes fires…