RCD imageA customer in Horby called us to tell telling us that the RCD in her home kept on tripping and they had total loss of power. The RCD is the protective device that protects from shock.

Two switches inside the device are held by magnets.  If a small amount of electricity is lost, then the magnets become unstable and aren’t able to hold the switch on thus switching it off.  This in turn stops any more electricity going to where it was originally lost, i.e. you or someone else.

RCDs are sensitive enough to stop the electricity when it gets to dangerous levels, but not too sensitive to turn off due to natural low level earthing of electricity which does happen and is safe.   If your RCD is tripping regularly, then its worth getting checked out.  Our customer was near to Carnforth in Lancashire and within where we worked so we went out.

In the end we carried out various checks and tests and found one circuit to be at fault.  We isolated this circuit and restored power to the property in around 2 hours of arrival and made safe the installation.

If you have similar problems with your RCD (and you’re in the Carnforth, Lancaster, Morecambe, South Lakes area), then please contact us for help and we’ll send an electrician to you.