Some devices are worth remembering to unplug. It has the obvious benefit of reducing the amount you pay for your electricity bill, but also, the devices are potential hazards if left Plugged In accidentally.

Be careful to unplug your phone charger when your mobile has finished charging. If it is a branded phone charger then it is likely to be more safe, but cheap knock-off phone chargers can cause house fires, so to be on the safe side, you should consider unplugging any of your phone chargers whether branded or not when your phone is fully charged.

This article ( tells of a house fire caused by a phone charger. The photo below is of the kitchen:

House fire from phone charger

The phone charger in this case was cheap, which means it is more likely to suffer from faulty wiring for one thing.

Make sure you check for wear and tear on your charger’s cable, and be careful when unplugging, as this is when most damage happens. Keep in mind that the more the charger is used the more unreliable it becomes over time. Phone chargers don’t need to be Plugged In all the time, so again, make sure to unplug them when they don’t need to be.