Plugged In Electricians home rewire. see in the image the age of the system. Have you ever seen anything as old as this?Plugged_In_Electricians - rewire7

This customer asked for

  1.  A new Consumer Unit / Switchboard
  2. New sockets
  3. New lighting (with two way switches)
  4. Power to boiler and utility outhouse
  5. Outside lighting

The customer told us to hide all cables in the walls and under the floorboards.

Plugged_In_Electricians - rewire4Our customer received:

  1. System design that was safe with the correct cables and switch capacities
  2. RCD protection
  3. All approved parts that meet guidelines
  4. Correct installation methods
  5. Clear and correct labeling for the switchboard
  6. Full certification
  7. Great customer service

Plugged_In_Electricians - rewire2 Plugged_In_Electricians - rewire6Plugged_In_Electricians - rewire1