There is something wonderful about walking past our neighbours and seeing their house as bright as Blackpool lights.  In the regulations you may want to look at Section 714 which gives guidance on outdoor locations including gardens.  In regulation 714.1 exclusions are given, namely:

  • lights that are connected directly to the internal wiring of your home.  For example, a santa light at the front door with the plug going through the letterbox and plugging into the socket

That means as long as your lights are IPX3 (IP43) rated for sheltered areas or IPX4 (IP44) rated for exposed areas, then you can plug them directly into a socket on the inside without any further to do.  Safe ligths will have their IP rating directly on the light, or tag that should remain on the light.  If they do not, then we suggest you purchase a new exterior light from a good suplier.

PLEASE NOTE: Are your indoor electrics safe?  Will your power cut off automatically if there is a fault? If in doubt, then contact a Qualified, Competent, Regulated electrician for a safety inspection and certificate.