What colours?

What do the colours mean?

You may find that some of the electrical cables / wires in your house have different colours.  A basic rule to remember is:

Brown (new colour) / Red = LIVE

Blue (New colour) / Black = Neutral

Green & yellow (New colour) / Green = Safety Earthing


  1. The Electrician before you may have made a mistake and wired the LIVE in the wrong place, so test the cables with an approved voltage tester
  2. TURN OFF POWER – when it comes to making changes, TURN off the power at the source, then check the area you’re working on with an approved voltage tester
  3. Secure the source – make every effort to ensure that someone can’t turn the source back on while you’re working on it.
  4. If in doubt, call a Qualified, Competent and Regualted Electrician.  It’s not worth the risk.